JL Clayton on Remote Pleasures

JL Clayton’s guest reviewed Remote Pleasures on Segnalibro: “Remote Pleasures was a super fun, beautifully written story.”

You can check out the whole review here: http://segnalibro.co.uk/guest-review-by-jl-clayton-remote-pleasures-by-ash-elko/


Praise for Burn for Home: Moonlight

“This series is one of my best-of for 2015.”

Sylvia Storm continues her reviews of the Burn for Home series. Read her review here.

Burn For Home (Part Three): Moonlight is available now.


New Review for Burn for Home: Firelight

Sylvia Storm picks up her review from where she left off with Burn for Home: Starlight and examines Firelight.

“This sort of observational skill just floors me as a reader, and it is extremely sharp and creates a poignant mood.”



Remote Pleasures Free Giveaway 9/15

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Cutting Too Close Cover Real

Coming soon: Cutting Too Close – the sequel to Remote Pleasures!

Cutting Too Close

Detective Ursula Price and Virtual Reality expert Samuel Thompson find themselves entangled in the underground scene of “Predator vs Prey” murder simulations.  What at first seems like an innocent fantasy turns dangerous when they find Ursi’s VR body mutilated over and over in increasingly bloody death scenes.  Can they find the virtual predator before Ursi becomes real-world prey?


Online Book Club Review for Burn for Home: Starlight

3 out of 4 stars!



Burn for Home: Starlight Review by Sylvia Storm

New review for Burn for Home: Starlight by Sylvia Storm.  You can read the review here: http://ereaderotica.com/?p=5472


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Burn for Home Available Now!

Burn for Home is available now!


Burn for Home Part 2

Burn for Home Part 3